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    PISTACIA TEREBINTHUS, Known generally as Mastic tree, Is a species of PISTACIA. The resin called Mastic, Known in ancient medicine, Runs naturally from the live trees. It is strongly antiseptic, Bactericide, Antispasmodic and Vulnerary. Also it has been used in the treatment of cancer. The resin is mainly used medicinally as a chewing gum since ancient time.
   Mint “The bright, Sharp & Awakening flavor “, Belongs to LAMIACEAE family not only as a breath freshener but also as an aromatic herb. It is originally used as a medical herb to treat stomach ache and chest pains. Besides being a flavor for chewing gum, It is a great appetizer, Palate cleanse and a Digestion improver. In addition to all above mentioned properties it reduces Dental cavities, Bad breath, Depression, Fatigue, Headache, Stress, Colonic spasm and Gastric-gas.

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Nature Dent is one of our company brands that works specially on natural products and its social responsibility is conservation of nature and donating healthy life to people all over the world.

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