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    Frankincense has been used & applied in traditional also modern medicine for various illnesses treatment. It’s an Oleo-resin of BOSWELLIA trees. The main benefits of frankincense are attributed to Memory improvement, Assistance with blood flow circulation increase, Hormone balancing, and Sleep aid. So due to the bitter taste of frankincense itself, We have combined it with other natural ingredients to bring you all its benefits and advantages into your chewing for the best taste, Let’s talk about “walnut“which has been known well enough to mankind for ages as a nutritional source of Vitamin E, Folate, Melatonin, Omega 3 – fats and Antioxidants. It is of course useful for Memory improvement & especially acts as a reducer for Blood pressure, Cholesterol, and Inflammation.
12.5 g
Number per box
Number per carton



Total Carb. 1g
Total fat 0g

Sugar & Aspartame Free

Natural Ingredients

Preservative free

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About Nature Dent

Nature Dent is one of our company brands that works specially on natural products and its social responsibility is conservation of nature and donating healthy life to people all over the world.

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